Between the Devil and The Deep Blue Sea (Between #1) By April Genevieve Tucholke – Book Review

Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea

By: April Genevieve Tucholke


Overall: 3 out of 5 stars

For fans of Beautiful Creatures (but I was not one of those people)….

I read this book during the winter break and just saw it on the shelf in my room and decided to go back to review it.

The setting of the story is very creepy and mysterious, which sets the tone of the book. It takes place in the typical small town that is filled with more than its share of secrets.

The plot is slow moving at first and is basically just providing descriptions and information to give readers the sense that it is a “normal” town but there is definitely something off about it. Once it moved past that, there were a lot of twists and turns in every chapter that kept it unique and interesting. I didn’t love this book, but I definitely didn’t hate it.

The main character, Violet is very old fashioned and likable. She gets involved with River West (such a great name) and the romance flows from there, all though it seems kind of messed up most times. River has a sense of uneasiness about him, which makes him very interesting to follow.

There are a lot of references to literature strewn throughout the book which is awesome. Tucholke intermixes them into her beautiful atmospheric descriptions and writing.

The cover is also really cool.

This is a part of a series, the second book is available and is called Between the Spark and the Burn.

Favorite Quotes:

  • “You stop fearing the Devil when you’re holding his hand…”
  • “Sunshine, if I ever disappear, please tell people that I ran after the Devil, trying to get my soul back.”
  • “Violet’s decided she’s going to be mad as a hatter in love with him” – only because it mentions the phrase “mad as a hatter”…I’m a sucker for that.

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