Huntsman’s Prey (Kingdom #7) by Marie Hall – Book Review

Huntsman’s Prey

(Kingdom #7)

18517547Author: Marie Hall

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

Pages: 200

Genre: Fiction, Adult Erotica, Fantasy, Fairy Tale, Retellings, Paranormal, Magic

Review: This is another review I’ve had waiting to finish since I finished the book in August.

This story makes more sense if you read the previous two books in the series first.

Marie Hall did not lack on her ability to create an amazing setting with the use of her writing. Her settings, locations, even people feel amazingly real and are easy to picture.

I personally enjoyed this book more than the last because this took place in Wonderland and obviously, I love all things associated with Wonderland. That being said, I found myself losing track of the story and what was going on throughout this one. I think it was the complexity of the back story and the locale and various characters that really threw me off.

The plot was fast faced and filled with many secrets and mysteries. I figured out one of them, but not the others, which was awesome. I definitely enjoyed the ending, it was a pleasant surprise.

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Moon’s Flower (Kingdom #6) by Marie Hall – Book Review

Moon’s Flower

(Kingdom #6)

20930547Author: Marie Hall

Rating: 2 out of 5 stars

Pages: 115

Genre: Fiction, Fairy Tale, Retelling, Adult Erotica, Fantasy, Magic, Paranormal

Review: I read this months ago and had this review sitting here since I finished the book back in August. Law school just became too much of a focus and I had to put reviewing aside temporarily.

This book was not my favorite and probably my least favorite out of all of the one’s she’s written so far. It was boring, felt rushed, and certainly did not hold my interest. It did provide a unique backstory, but I just didn’t care enough about the character to want to know their back story.

This is the story involving “The Man on the Moon,” which wasn’t a character or story I was familiar with. That was unique at least.

I would recommend it if people are reading the series and want to read the books in order. The characters from this story appear in the next book in the series, so for that, reading this was helpful. I certainly wouldn’t recommend it to be read as a standalone, like I would for some of the others.

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Figment (Insanity #2) by Cameron Jace


(Insanity #2)

Author: Cameron Jace15698596.jpg

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Pages: 262

Genre: Fantasy, Young Adult, Fairy Tellings, Retellings, Science Fiction, Urban Fantasy, Horror

Review: I absolutely loved the first book in this series by Cameron Jace. It was a completely new retelling of Alice in Wonderland and it was beyond unique.

This book constantly kept my guessing and on my toes. I never knew what was going to happen and I never figured it out. The villains are absolutely horrifying and there is a dark element to these books that makes it just scary enough to be entertaining. This books villains are The Muffin Man and Cheshire Cat (the villain from the first book in the series).

I’m not a fan of the character, Jack, so wasn’t really upset by his story arc and how it went down.

One negative for me was that I was confused by some points of the story. Maybe it was because of the amount of craziness and insanity going on. I did find myself trying to figure out what I was getting confused about, which took some time.

I highly recommend this series to any fans of Alice in Wonderland and modern fairy tale retellings. This is an absolutely amazing series and so well written. The third and (I think) fourth book of the series are already out.

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The Phantom of the Earth by Raeden Zen

The Phantom of the Earth

(The Phantom of the Earth #1-5)

28152465.jpgAuthor: Raeden Zen

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

Pages: 1650 (This edition contains all 5 books)

Genre: Science Fiction, Dystopia, Fiction, Fantasy, Apocalyptic

Review: I read this series as a beta reader back in April. I was not asked to review it, but figured I should since I spent a lot of time reading it.

It absolutely stands out from other apocalyptic novels that I’ve read. The settings and characters were so well written and developed that it was impossible not to like them, dislike them, and even feel for them when necessary. The characters are certainly unique and diverse, even the descriptions of the characters were different, which was very interesting to read. Overall, the dialogue was well written and appropriate. It definitely focused on what each character wanted at that point in the story.

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I’m back!!!

Law school became much more of a challenge this semester than I originally thought. I ended up not having much time to read, review, and even focus on anything other than schoolwork. Since finals just ended yesterday, I have a few weeks to catch up on some reading and reviewing. I will be posting my latest review later today.

Also, I am totally open to any awesome book recommendations that people may have. I’ve been so out of the loop!