Huntsman’s Prey (Kingdom #7) by Marie Hall – Book Review

Huntsman’s Prey

(Kingdom #7)

18517547Author: Marie Hall

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

Pages: 200

Genre: Fiction, Adult Erotica, Fantasy, Fairy Tale, Retellings, Paranormal, Magic

Review: This is another review I’ve had waiting to finish since I finished the book in August.

This story makes more sense if you read the previous two books in the series first.

Marie Hall did not lack on her ability to create an amazing setting with the use of her writing. Her settings, locations, even people feel amazingly real and are easy to picture.

I personally enjoyed this book more than the last because this took place in Wonderland and obviously, I love all things associated with Wonderland. That being said, I found myself losing track of the story and what was going on throughout this one. I think it was the complexity of the back story and the locale and various characters that really threw me off.

The plot was fast faced and filled with many secrets and mysteries. I figured out one of them, but not the others, which was awesome. I definitely enjoyed the ending, it was a pleasant surprise.

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